You Can Buy Deion Sanders' Posh Prosper Estate at Auction.

The $100 million former Hicks estate in North Dallas isn't the only posh North Texas house hiting the auction block next month.Deion Sanders former mansion off Preston Road in Proper is also being auctioned off.Concierge Auctions - the same company selling the Hicks estate now owned by banker Andy Beal - will also be taking bids for the 29,122 square foot Sanders house.Called "Chateau Montclair," the estate has a two-lane bowling alley; a game room with a bar; a theater with a stage; a full indoor basketball court with a scoreboard and sound system; a gym; a barbershop; steam showers; a locker room; a yoga studio; a natatorium with a pool and spa; a screened-in colonnade.  Continue reading...

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