Yes, Southlake Is a Bubble — a Bubble of Commitment to Family

My first introduction to Southlake was as a Florida resident preparing to move to Texas. My wife, who was commuting to Dallas from Florida four days a week, said, via phone, "I visited this city, Southlake; we'd better not move there — the shopping is great and the people are very friendly."She was right. Southlake is a special place.After moving to Texas and living in a neighboring city, we experienced the amenities and the people firsthand. Every aspect of the town appeared well-thought-out, but it was the sense of community that bowled us over and made us first consider moving here.I fondly remember walking out of the gym my first week in Texas and hearing the elderly gentleman behind me, who identified himself as a Southlaker, ask how I was planning to enjoy the great weather.I immediately thought to myself, "That's odd." I lived in a similar community in Florida for the previous seven years, and peoples' mouths appeared glued shut when they encountered a stranger.Unfortunately, that's not the image many people have of my beloved city.  Continue reading...

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