Worst Roofing Scheme in Dallas-Fort Worth Takes Homeowners' Insurance, Doesn't Deliver New Roofs

In the midst of the crime spree that is today's Texas roofing industry, we now find one of the region's great roofing schemes of all time.Almost a hundred homeowners in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas that we know of lost a combined total of $400,000 they paid for new roofs in hail damage insurance claims. They won't see their money. They won't get their roofs. And most likely, there are many more victims.They are mostly Hispanic, mostly low-income, some elderly, often in modest homes. In other words, those least able to afford a loss.The roofing company, now closed, was called House of Tomorrow. The key operator appears to be Jorge Garcia, 45. He has homes in Cedar Hill, Houston and Cypress.I nominate him as this week's Watchdog example of why we need a roofers/contractors license bill passed in the 2017 Texas Legislature. So far, not one lawmaker has introduced such a bill.  Continue reading...

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