Women Testifying Against Abusers in Court Have These Guys in Their Corner

The woman walks into the drab Dallas courtroom, rows of benches filled with volunteers she doesn't know — all there to support her. She sits at the witness stand, just yards away from the man she says assaulted her and called her a dog. An assistant district attorney asks her to describe what happened. The woman recounts the night her boyfriend yanked her keys from her, grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She tells about how he dumped a dog bowl filled with water over her head, sprayed shaving cream on her and smashed her cellphone so she couldn't call for help. "He throws the bowl at my head saying I'm a dog," she says. She looks straight ahead at the assistant district attorney, avoiding looking to the table on the left where he ex-boyfriend sits. Six men sit on wooden benches in the courtroom, listening to the woman's testimony. They don't know her, but they're in her corner.   Continue reading...

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