Woman Drowns in Beaumont, Is Found With Her Daughter Clinging to Her

A woman died Tuesday afternoon after she and her child were swept into floodwaters, Beaumont police said.She was traveling south about 3:30 p.m. on the Interstate 10 North service road when she got into high water. She drove into the Plaza 10 parking lot, but the vehicle got stuck, police said.The woman got out of the car with her daughter, was pulled into the canal and floated about half a mile from her vehicle.Two police and two fire rescue divers who were nearby in a boat spotted her floating as the child clung to her. The rescuers were able to reach the pair just before they went under a trestle, which would have made them unreachable, police said.The rescuers pulled them onto the boat, but the mother was unresponsive and the child was suffering from hypothermia. They performed CPR and a citizen loaded the pair into a truck and drove them a half a mile through flooded streets to a waiting ambulance, police said.The mother, who has not been identified, died. The child was in stable condition Tuesday night.  Continue reading...

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