With El Chapo Off to Prison for Life, Ted Cruz Reiterates Call to Use His Assets for Border Wall

WASHINGTON -- If the U.S. government can ever locate the billions the drug lord known as El Chapo stashed away during his infamous run as a major supplier of cocaine in the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz would love to see it put to use paying for a wall along the Mexican border.A federal judge sentenced Joaquín Guzmán Loera to life in prison on Wednesday, prompting Cruz to revive his calls for devoting seized drug profits for the wall.The only problem: federal authorities can't find any of the $12,666,191,704 in assets they say Guzmán amassed over nearly three decades in the drug trade.That makes the Texas Republican's plan moot, or at least hypothetical, though it would cure one of President Donald Trump's headaches: finding a way to finance wall construction without directly tapping U.S. taxpayer funds.  Continue reading...

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