Will We Be Flying in Uber's Automated Air Taxis Soon? Boeing Exec Says He ‘wouldn't Be That Aggressive'

Uber's aggressive timetable for introducing air taxi service in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023 might be overly amitious, says Boeing's chief technology officer."I wouldn't be that aggressive," Greg Hyslop told an auditorium full of aviation professionals in Dallas Thursday.Hyslop's view as an executive at a $100 billion aerospace giant casts doubt on the optimistic idea that taxis will soon be jetting around Dallas-Fort Worth. Other partners in Uber's program also have cited more conservative timetables."This is where the fact that you're a 103-year-old company, you've got a lot more experience," Hyslop said in reference to Boeing. "It's easy when you don't have the experience to promise things like that."  Continue reading...

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