Will Texas and Its Big Cities Be Ready for the 2020 Census? Some Think a Statewide Effort Is Needed

Texas is expected to have gained about 4.5 million residents between 2010-2020 thanks in large part to the growth of the native-born Latino population and migration from other states.But some worry that growth will only guarantee more representation in Congress and more federal dollars for public programs if the state’s population is accurately counted during the 2020 U.S. Census.That’s why groups and some elected officials are calling on state leaders to form and invest in a statewide complete count committee to amass a media and education campaign that would inform the public about the need to be counted in 2020.Luis Figueroa, legislative and policy director for the left-leaning Center for Public Policy Priorities, said that such a committee could increase participation among immigrants and communities of color.Figueroa added that he’d like to see the state’s leaders invest about $6 to $10 million for census purposes and move a bit faster in forming a statewide effort.“Once 2020 hits, you don’t want to be planning. You want to be in the implementation stages,” Figueroa said. “Regardless of the controversies, we don’t want Texas to be left behind.”Texas could possibly miss out on $300 million a year for public programs if Texas’ population is undercounted by just one percent, according to an analysis from the GW Institute of Public Policy at George Washington University.  Continue reading...

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