Why Won't Police Say What the Austin Bombing Packages Look Like? Is UT Increasing Security? We Answer Your Questions

AUSTIN — The city of Austin has been on edge this month after a string of explosions have left two people dead and four injured. On Sunday, two men were injured when police believe they were walking on either the sidewalk or the median and a bomb was triggered by a tripwire.In three bombings earlier this month that killed two people and injured two others, a box or package was left on or near the front porch of the victims' homes, according to law enforcement. And on Tuesday, a package destined for Austin exploded in a FedEx warehouse near San Antonio. No one was injured.Interim Austin police chief Brian Manley confirmed to the Austin City Council on Tuesday that they believe all incidents are connected.Austin police have partnered with state law enforcement and federal agencies to investigate the case, and a reward of $115,000 has been offered for information leading to an arrest. We used our Curious Texas project to find out what questions you had about the Austin bombings. Here are the answers we have for you, and ask more here.As the parent of a Longhorn, are they increasing security on and near the campus?According to an email from the University of Texas at Austin, UT police have increased patrols, including K9 units, on campus. The campus mail service has also been working with the police to screen suspicious packages.The campus police Twitter account has also been tweeting about the bombs. The university’s police department has urged students to tell their friends about recent events and to stay vigilant.  Continue reading...

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