Why Won't D-FW Share Its Amazon Bid With the Public? Boston and Toronto Did

“We are a proud city of immigrants,” Boston’s mayor wrote to Amazon in its bid to host the company’s second headquarters.Thirty percent of the city's workers are foreign-born, hailing from over 100 countries, according to the bid, and Boston-area colleges have 48,000 international students. In Toronto, half the residents were born outside of Canada and speak over 180 languages and dialects, the city said in its Amazon bid. Skilled foreign workers can get visas within 10 days, and the region’s 80,000 international students can continue working there after graduation.“Immigration is not a problem in our country. It’s a solution,” Toronto said.Sounds impressive, and these details are just a few examples from the cities’ documents, which are available online. So what is Dallas-Fort Worth, angling to be a prime contender in the Amazon sweepstakes, saying about its local workforce and universities?That’s a secret, apparently for Amazon’s eyes only.  Continue reading...

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