Why the Trump Voter Fraud Commission Is Dangerous

Washington's preoccupation with Donald Trump's tweets and the multiple probes into his campaign's possible ties to the Russians have diverted attention from an array of problematic administration actions: removing restrictions on coal mining and offshore oil drilling, rolling back worker safety rules, reviewing protection of public lands.One that poses an especially dangerous long-term impact is his creation of a commission, headed by Vice President Mike Pence, to investigate Trump's unproven claims of widespread voter fraud. It's an unnecessary cure for a nonexistent problem that could encourage moves to limit voting by many Republican-controlled states like Texas.The most obvious warning sign was naming Kris Kobach as its vice-chair. He's the Kansas secretary of state whose persistent fulminating against fraud has proved to be so much empty rhetoric. So far, only one of nine people snared by his crusade has been an illegal immigrant; most were elderly Republicans who mistakenly voted in two states.  Continue reading...

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