Why Is Dallas Allowing Kids to Fund-raise in the Middle of Its Busiest Intersections?

Will it take a young person's death to get anyone in Dallas — other than frustrated drivers — to give a damn about the problem of teens and adolescents soliciting funds in the middle of some of the city's busiest intersections?From what I've observed just running my regular errands the last couple of weekends, this fund-raising strategy is growing this summer by leaps and bounds.The makings of a disaster are percolating in the gridlock created by young people darting across multiple lanes and weaving through stopped cars at the already dicey intersections of Lovers Lane-Inwood Road, Mockingbird Lane- Central Expressway, Garland Road-Buckner Boulevard and Mockingbird Lane-Abrams Road.And that's just a few of the spots where young people are all but begging for money.  Continue reading...

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