Why I'm Reopening the Whole Women's Health Clinic in Austin

Nearly nine months after U.S. Supreme Court's historic Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt decision, which overturned restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas and nationwide, we've decided to reopen our flagship Whole Woman's Health clinic in Austin. By mid-April, we will be serving Central Texas again.In July 2014 Whole Woman's Health of Austin was forced to close due to Texas's Omnibus Abortion Bill. The bill required abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals and set building requirements, including the size of hallways and janitor's closets. These rules prompted more than half of the Texas' abortion clinics to close. Since then, women in need of abortion care have had to wait longer for appointments, drive outside of their communities for simple procedures, and delay their care.Reopening the clinic is part of a bigger commitment to defend women's access to abortion nationwide. Since I founded Whole Woman's Health in Austin in 2003, I've testified and been a plaintiff in at least four different cases taking on Texas' onerous laws, as well as fighting for access for women in other states. After our Supreme Court victory, the Whole Woman's Health decision has been used to reverse similar anti-abortion laws in more than eight states, restoring access to quality care.  Continue reading...

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