Why Do Tornadoes Always Seem to Travel Southwest to Northeast? Curious Texas Investigates

If you’ve lived in North Texas long enough, you may have noticed a pattern in storms and tornadoes. For the most part, they travel in west-to-east paths or southwest-to-northeast. It's not often that they'll take different paths like east-to-west.A Dallas Morning News reader had observed this trend and wanted to know: Why do tornadoes always seem to travel from southwest to northeast?The question is part of an ongoing project from The News that invites you to join in our reporting process. The idea is simple: You have questions, and our journalists are trained to track down answers.You can send us your Curious Texas questions by texting "DMN" to 214-817-3868. Follow the prompts and introduce yourself to us, share your story or questions and we'll text you with information as we report the story.Our reader's observation isn’t just anecdotal — it's correct. A map of every tornado that has moved through North Texas since 1950, as provided by the National Weather Service, shows that many of those tornadoes traveled along a southwest-to-northeast path.  Continue reading...

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