Why Dallas Should Help the Migrant Humanitarian Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border

The first of what are expected to be hundreds of migrants began arriving in Dallas this week — women, men and children whose hours-long bus ride from an El Paso shelter was probably the least of the hardships they’ve endured escaping their home countries.And Dallas should do everything it can to give them the help they need as they are processed through the immigration system.This is not an issue regarding what federal immigration policy should be. This is an issue about the basic humanity and respect that should be afforded every human being. And these visitors to Dallas, in many ways, need that more than ever.The federal government has called on Dallas and other cities to relieve the pressure on overwhelmed nonprofit shelters along the U.S.-Mexico border. Thousands of Central American migrants, mostly seeking asylum, have arrived in recent weeks fleeing poverty and gang violence.  Continue reading...

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