Why City Officials Believe a $16M Development Will Kickstart Dallas Executive Airport

City officials don't yet have the number of takeoffs and landings they want at Dallas Executive Airport, but they've got plenty of land and money.And City Hall could soon offer up both as part of Burchfield & Partners' planned $15.9 million development along the west side of the airport's expanding runway. The proposal comes with the promise of more than 25 new jobs and the relocation of more than 40 jobs from Love Field.The plans call for a 70,000-square foot hanger and maintenance-and-operations center and 20,000 square feet of offices. Mark Duebner, the city's aviation director, said the development is "a catalyst project" that eventually "will drive traffic" to the airport."There hasn't been a lot of new development at Dallas Executive for a number of years, and we think it's got a lot of potential," Duebner said. "And we're willing to make this investment to get this project done because we really think it's going to kickstart everything we hope and we know will happen down there."  Continue reading...

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