Why a Curator and Arts Writer Think Dallas’ Cultural Plan Isn’t Really Meant for Artists

Dallas’ new Cultural Plan debuted in late 2018 after going 16 years untouched. The plan, which reportedly involved the ideas and brainstorming of nearly 9,000 Dallas residents, focuses on Dallas as an ever-changing and modernizing arts city, and on topics such as equity and diversity.The 112-page document took center stage for criticism at Tuesday night’s Duets, a conversation series hosted by the Arts and Entertainment team at The Dallas Morning News. The discussion was led by Lauren Smart, journalist and arts writer, and Sofia Bastidas, gallery director and curator.Smart said she viewed the plan as a “pulse-taking of the Dallas arts.” It was reported that in 2017, Dallas arts was an $891 million industry that was responsible for driving 33,000 jobs. To Smart, the plan was a way for the leaders to think about what the arts contribute to the city of Dallas.  Continue reading...

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