Whole Foods' Wine Biz Replacing Amazon's, Leading Dallas Founder of Woot.com to Create Casemates

Amazon.com's purchase of Austin-based Whole Foods Market is showing up in the wine category. As this year ends, Amazon has shut down Wine.Woot and its own wine marketplace in favor of Whole Foods expansive wine operation.As a result, Dallas entrepreneur Matt Rutledge sees an opening in the marketplace.When Amazon.com purchased daily deals site Woot.com, based in Carrollton, in 2010 it also acquired Wine.Woot, a direct producer-to-consumer website that Amazon adopted for its own wine marketplace.Now, Woot.com founder Rutledge and Wine Country Connect president David Studdert, who co-founded Wine.Woot with Rutledge in 2006 want to start a new business called Casemates.  Continue reading...

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