Where Does Beto O'Rourke, the Latest Democratic Contender for President, Stand on the Issues?

WASHINGTON -- Beto O’Rourke, like many politicians, hates labels.But the El Paso Democrat won’t be able to stop others from trying to put one on him now that he’s officially launched a White House bid. Just like he couldn’t prevent that from happening last year when he ran a closer-than-expected Senate race against Sen. Ted Cruz.“In Texas, Ted Cruz called me a socialist. I’m too liberal for Texas. Outside of Texas, people say, ‘Is he really a Democrat? I think he’s a closet Republican,’” O’Rourke said at a recent event in Wisconsin. “I don’t know where I am on a spectrum and I almost could care less.”Voters will care, though.And what might be most important in a crowded Democratic field for president might not be the same as what would matter in a mano a mano matchup against Republican President Donald Trump or as what stood out most in the ex-congressman’s Senate campaign against Cruz.  Continue reading...

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