What's Ahead for 2017? Texas Business Voices Whisper in Trump's Ear

Last New Year, the business staff of The Dallas Morning News put together a list of the key topics likely to shape DFW's business landscape. And we did pretty well.We thought oil prices were likely to remain lower but relatively steady throughout the year, and we cast doubt on prevailing predictions that our economy would tank if lower oil prices did, in fact, persist. We were right on all counts.So we've put our minds together again to come up with what we see as the Top 10 economic catalysts for the year ahead. We're rolling out one a day between now and the new year.No. 5: The new president's Lone Star tiesTexas stars are about to shine big and bright deep in the heart of D.C.Heavy hitters from the Lone Star State helped Donald Trump land the White House by raising nearly $20 million for his campaign -- almost as much as the combined contributions from California and New York.  Continue reading...

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