What’s the Biggest Lie of the 2017 Texas Legislature?

Today I unveil the biggest lie of the 2017 Texas Legislature. Fortunately, it's not told by any lawmaker. Unfortunately, I'm going to stamp it on the forehead of thousands of good-intentioned, mostly volunteer public servants who are elected to serve on our city councils and county commissions.The lie being told in Austin is that the big property tax bill under consideration -- Senate Bill 2 -- takes away local control from city and county governments back home. They say the bill also limits growth in budgets for cities, counties, community colleges and hospital districts.Truth is, SB 2 does the opposite.A government would still be allowed to grow 4.9 percent a year with no fuss, no muss. But if city hall or the county courthouse wants to grow 5 percent or more in one year, they have to come to you in a November general election (not off-season when voters are away on vacation) and ask your permission.Yet most cities and all but two counties are crying about the big bad wolf at the door. There's no wolf.We need this bill to stop property tax growth from accelerating faster. Big budgets are pumped with spending money derived from soaring property taxes. High tax bills, growing at a ridiculous 10 percent a year (that's the cap) are squeezing Texans in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.  Continue reading...

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