What Will the Looming Freon Phaseout Cost You? Well, There's a Lot of Hot Air

After The Watchdog reported how expensive it will be to replace refrigerant in older air-conditioning systems, I heard from HVAC techs from across the U.S.Every one of them had a different opinion about what to do.That's the reason I can't stand dealing with air-conditioning repairs. If three techs come to your house to make a bid on a project, each one will see and say something different.I first learned that 25 years ago when I moved here, bought a house and sued the builder in small claims court because the air-conditioning system was poorly installed.Before the suit, which I won, I heard from one tech after another, each with a different diagnosis. Nothing has changed.In my previous story, I talked with Roy Jones, president of the Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association, about how Freon will be harder to get and more expensive starting in January because of environmental regulations.Older style Freon (R-22) is bad for the ozone layer, according to Environmental Protection Agency standards.Last month, my old system leaked eight pounds of Freon, so I splurged and sprung for a new system, using the newer refrigerant, R-410A.I reported that, then heard from these fellows, whose advice was all over the map.  Continue reading...

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