‘What Will Help Us Become Safer?' Frisco ISD, Parents Discuss School Security Measures, Possible Changes

FRISCO -- School safety is still top of mind in Frisco ISD, where parents are proposing a laundry list of changes they'd like to see, from student ID badges to metal detectors to parent patrols on campus. Laura Hamby, one of 10 parents who spoke about safety at Monday's school board meeting, called for more preventative measures. "We need to act fast so we aren't reactive in a situation but proactive in preventing one," she said. All ideas are being collected while the district reviews its procedures and decides what improvements, if any, might be added. The goal of the safety discussions is simple, said Doug Zambiasi, the district's deputy superintendent for support services. "What will help us become safer?" Already getting the green light, he said, is the superintendent's idea to form a student security council. The council would be made up of students from across the district to help identify problems and solutions. "Some of the best information will come from our kids," Zambiasi said. The discussions come less than three weeks after the mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead. There has also been a wave of school threats and gun incidents across the country that have left parents hyper-aware.   Continue reading...

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