What to Know About Jury Duty: Your Chance to Join the ‘most Powerful Group' at the Dallas Courthouse

Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had to do it. Oprah Winfrey once did, too.Cops, teachers, school bus drivers can't avoid it. So what happens when that dreaded piece of mail — the jury summons — shows up in your mailbox? If you're registered to vote or have a driver's license, chances are you will be summoned at some point. Jurors are "doing a great service, and they're needed," said Donna Barrance, jury service manager in Dallas County. "Some people think jury service is meaningless," she added. "It's a very important privilege to serve your county or your city."Only about 20 percent of Dallas County residents summoned to jury duty show up. Some have moved or are disqualified from serving, but many just skip it. Knowing that most people don't want to go to jury duty, Dallas County officials are trying to make it easier for them to fulfill their civic obligation.You can set up text or e-mail reminders confirming the jury service date. You can fill out your questionnaire online. Or you can postpone the day for a more convenient time within six months.   Continue reading...

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