What Happened to Dallas High School —the City’s First Public High School? Curious Texas Investigates

Laurie Edwards has seen her alma mater located in downtown Dallas go through a massive change, but she doesn't know why. That's why she asked Curious Texas: What happened to demolishing the old Dallas High School? I graduated from the magnet. There's something new there now. What? The question is part of Curious Texas, an ongoing project from The Dallas Morning News that invites you to join in our reporting process. The idea is simple: You have questions, and our journalists are trained to track down answers. You can send us your Curious Texas questions by texting "DMN" to 214-817-3868. Follow the prompts and introduce yourself to us, share your story or questions, and we'll text you with information as we report the story. We were unable to reach Edwards after she asked us her question, so we don't know exactly when she graduated from the high school. But we would guess it was sometime between 1908 and 1995 -- the years the school opened and closed its doors. Dallas High School's Bryan Street site was used to educate the young people in North Texas since it was bought by a women's college in 1876, according to The News' archives. The school served as Dallas' first public high school building. The current three-story building was built in 1907 to replace an older wooden school building that stood in its place.   Continue reading...

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