What Does San Angelo Have That Dallas Doesn’t? Here’s How the West Texas Town Ended Up on the Global Stage

WASHINGTON — When the new European Union ambassador to the U.S. moved this spring into the mansion that serves as his official D.C. residence, he desired a decorative flourish that would stand out, even in a neighborhood that the likes of the Obamas call home.But Stavros Lambrinidis didn’t ship over van Goghs or Picassos or relics from his native Greece.He instead loaned more than 30 paintings, sculptures and ceramics — most of them created by Lone Star State artists — from the tiny San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, tapping a cultural gem in a West Texas town he’s never visited.“I never wanted to look at this house as a mirror in which to look at myself, but as a window in which to look at the United States,” Lambrinidis said last week at a kickoff party to unveil an exhibit that will be seen by lawmakers, diplomats and many other Washington power players.  Continue reading...

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