What Does AT&T Have on Its Silicon Valley Rivals to Attract Engineering Talent?

The digital revolution has already upended some industries, and it’s coming on fast everywhere else. That poses both a threat and an opportunity.If companies can create a culture that learns and adapts rapidly, they have a chance to be truly transformed by digital, said Peter Sondergaard, executive vice president of research at Gartner Inc.“But how do you do it?” Sondergaard said. “By focusing first on talent.”Sondergaard was speaking at the Summit, a two-day tech conference held by AT&T last week. And the talent shortage was a recurring theme, from off-the-cuff remarks by executives to breakout sessions.Why so top-of-mind? In a Gartner survey, top executives were asked about the most significant factors constraining growth. Talent and skills were cited as No. 1 among their internal factors, well ahead of technology issues and capital.The median time to fill a critical job has increased by 32 business days, and a quarter of critical roles remain unfilled after five months, according to Gartner.  Continue reading...

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