What Do You Do About Apple’s iPhone Slowdown?

Is your iPhone slow?Mine is. It takes eight seconds for my beloved Google app to open. Eight seconds is a perfect bull ride, but it's an eternity in Smart Phone Land. As The Watchdog, I set off on a journey to find out what to do.Maybe some 20-something techie could help me beat this problem. I put out a call for help.Somewhat shamelessly, I asked for such help in my Christmas Eve column - "15 consumer tips for young adults.""Oh," I concluded, "and if you know how I can speed up my older iPhone that clunks along, please let me know."Nobody answered my plea.So I did what many other hot-blooded Americans do when frustrated by technology, companies, scammers or politics. I cut loose on Twitter. (Apologies due for my language.)"Reason I don't believe Apple's [expletive] excuse about slowing down phones to save battery life and then giving a discount for new battery is this: I bought a new battery several months ago for my 6 and my phone is still freakin' slow. Fix this with software update. Also stop lying."  Continue reading...

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