West Texas Man Tried to Burn Girlfriend Alive, Drag Her Behind Vehicle With Phone Cord

A 33-year-old man is accused of trying to burn his girlfriend alive and drag her behind his vehicle in Odessa. Police arrested Luis Carlos Medrano-Ortiz on a charge of aggravated kidnapping Wednesday night. Medrano-Ortiz's 33-year-old girlfriend reported earlier this week that he'd taken her and assaulted her March 17 after they got into an argument.She said he physically picked her up and put her in his vehicle against her will. As they were driving under the Interstate 20 overpass south of downtown, she tried to jump out, but Medrano-Ortiz forced her back inside, Odessa police said. He kept driving for about 15 minutes to an unknown location, where he allegedly told her he was going to kill her. Medrano-Ortiz made her get out, threatened to shoot her and then attempted to light her on fire as he said he was going to burn her alive, she reported. After tying her hands with a phone cord, he tried to drag her by pulling one end of the cord through the driver's side door while slowly driving off, police said.  Continue reading...

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