West Dallas Voter Fraud Is Product of Failed Political Leadership

The residents of West Dallas must be tired of being sold out, even as parts of the neighborhood are improving.After years of neglect, the Singleton corridor is now bustling because of the Trinity Groves development. Blight in many places has given way to economic vitality.That means the area's growth has to be managed in order to protect the residents who have lived there for years, many of them in poverty.Now, just as much as ever, there's a need for quality political leadership and sound public service to steer West Dallas in the right direction.But shamefully, politicians are giving the neighborhood the same old crap — mail-in ballot fraud and double talk to prop up a corrupt political system.Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson is investigating whether absentee vote hucksters broke the law by requesting and handling hundreds of mail-in ballots. At least 700 ballots in council districts 2 and 6, and perhaps parts of Grand Prairie, are in question.  Continue reading...

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