West Dallas Council Race Runoff Pits Incumbent Alonzo Against Narvaez After Mail-in Ballot Review

Amid rising concerns about mail-in ballot fraud in West Dallas, county elections officials have reviewed and counted all ballots in the heavily contested City Council race in that area.The results show that the leading candidates, incumbent Monica Alonzo and challenger Omar Narvaez, will face one another in the June 10 runoff.Alonzo and Narvaez led in the polls on Election Night Saturday. But results were not final pending the review of hundreds of mail-in ballots that have come under question.Assistant Elections Administrator Robert Heard Sr. said voters can have confidence in the results after ballots, ballot applications and other material was carefully reviewed.A large number of retirement-age voters in both West Dallas and Grand Prairie raised concerns prior to the election that someone had come to their home, falsely representing that he was a county elections worker. The man would try to get the seniors to hand over mail-in ballots that had come to their homes without the voters requesting them.The Dallas County District Attorney’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the matter.  Continue reading...

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