We're Not Too Proud to Beg: Texas Must Work With the Federal Court to Fix Its Foster Care System

We have all seen this on TV cop shows, or maybe you've been a real-life bystander: A weary police officer, trying to get a grip on a struggling, squirming suspect, half-orders and half-pleads: "Stop resisting!" It's advice state leaders might want to weigh in their obstinate determination to defy federal orders to improve Texas' child-welfare system for kids in foster care. There's a time and a place for posturing - it's the lifeblood of American electoral politics - but not when the well-being of vulnerable children is on the line. But throughout the years'-long legal battle over the deficient and sometime derelict care of kids who are its permanent wards, the state has bucked and sputtered and protested every painful step of the way.   Continue reading...

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