We Recommend Tiffinni Young in Dallas City Council District 7

Even among the exceptionally strong 2015 freshman class of the Dallas City Council, Tiffinni Young has stood out as an inspiring and courageous leader.No, she's not perfect. No council member is, especially a first-termer. But here's some of what she's accomplished:She was the elected leader who refused to be placated by City Hall's half-hearted efforts to fix the loose-dog problem plaguing southern Dallas.With colleague Scott Griggs, she persuaded the Council to look deeper into how the city's eminent domain transactions harmed residents. Griggs and Young led the way in reinstating a two-step takeover procedure.Despite pressure and misinformation from critics, Young has consistently kept the focus on what's best for South Dallas citizens during debates about Fair Park's future.Making good on a 2015 campaign promise, her first accomplishment was getting the city's Youth Commission back up and running.Young, 38, acknowledges that she's got work to do in keeping lines of communication open across her diverse district.Conversations with a handful of her constituents, both in historic South Dallas neighborhoods and Buckner Terrace to the east, affirm that concern. If re-elected, Young needs to redouble her efforts to reach out to those residents who feel she and her office are not responsive.  Continue reading...

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