We Must Somehow Feel Pity for the Homeless Man Who Cut Two Women in Downtown Dallas

Branden Holbert put an ugly face on homelessness.Rather than condemn him, however, consider his shocking behavior as an unanswered cry for help for all the rootless souls who roam our city's streets and crowd its shelters.They need our love and attention, not cruel judgments that render them as irredeemable misfits.In case you missed it, Holbert pulled out a pocketknife and threatened three women Sunday afternoon in downtown Dallas. After the women fled, Holbert chased two of them down, cornered them in the elevator of a nearby apartment building where one of them lived, and slashed them with his knife.He inflicted no life-threatening injuries, thank goodness.Yet, I can't help but wonder how tragically things may have turned out if he'd had a more potent weapon in hand, say a machete or a gun?  Continue reading...

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