‘We Don't Want to Be Seen as the Occupying Force': Texas Troopers, South Dallas Find Tentative Peace

Monday night brought another meeting at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center about the state troopers dropped on South Dallas like an anvil. David Pughes, Dallas' acting chief of police until who knows when, was there with several other commanders and Jeoff Williams, a regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. So, too, was a small group of activists.The only thing missing were the gaggle of reporters who captured last week's tumult, which was borne of the mistrust that comes with having troopers suddenly camped on every corner in black and brown neighborhoods. This time, the made-for-TV drama was absent. The hour-long get-together was the calm after last week's storm, the reasonable after the rage sparked by Chief Renee Hall's decision to accept Gov. Greg Abbott's help in smothering a crime wave — and then remain mute about where the state troopers would go, what they would do, to whom they would answer.This was the first gathering of what activists and officials call a working group. South Dallas resident Daniel Davis Clayton, who organized the event moments after the conclusion of last week's raucous meeting, said participants wanted an open dialogue without worrying about having it transcribed or misinterpreted. He asked me to wait out in the hall.  Continue reading...

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