‘We Clearly Fell Short': Boeing Apologizes, Admits Shortfalls Ahead of Paris Air Show

As the Paris Air Show kicks off this week, Boeing leaders are admitting their communication with regulators and airlines surrounding the Boeing 737 Max's alert features should have been clearer and that the company is open to dropping the "Max" branding."We clearly fell short in the implementation of the ... alert and we clearly should have communicated better with our regulators and the airlines," Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe, told NPR echoing the CEO's statement to reporters earlier in the day.Fort Worth-based American Airlines and Dallas-based Southwest Airlines have taken the biggest hit from the global grounding of 737 Max aircraft since mid-March. Both airlines have canceled Max flights through Labor Day weekend as regulators work with Boeing on a software fix. Southwest has 34 Max jets in its fleet and American owns 24 of the planes.The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer said in a statement earlier this month that the Paris Air Show was an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its "commitment to innovation, industry partnerships and safety."  Continue reading...

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