We Can't Say Goodbye to KVIL Until Its Legendary Voice Ron Chapman Gives It a Proper Sign-off

KVIL-FM, born in Highland Park on August 25, 1961, died, officially, on Jan. 18, 2017. The call letters have been tossed in the dustbin; they no longer serve a purpose. CBS Radio has rebranded 103.7 on Your FM Dial as the Amp, a moniker also bestowed upon energy drinks and vitamins that promise "a lean, ripped physique." The Amp is now playing a handful of pop-radio hits, by the likes of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift and DJ Snake, over and over and over, ad infinitum. Like a handful of other stations in town, at least until they all change formats again.I cannot say I will miss KVIL, mostly because I haven't listened to it in years -- couldn't tell you its format since, oh, 1985? Last time I dialed in for any length was the first day of September 2000, when Ron Chapman signed off after a 31-year stint as The Voice of KVIL and, by extension, Dallas radio. That was, perhaps, the last Most Meaningful Moment on local radio."They should have changed the call letters the day he left," said Jody Dean, who joined KVIL in 1982 and served as Chapman's producer before replacing him on the morning show.  Continue reading...

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