Waxahachie Woman Pranks Mom, Goes Viral by Replacing Family Photos With Chihuahua Versions

It took a couple of weeks before Marissa Hooper's mom noticed that the people in the family photos looked suspiciously like her Marissa's Chihuahua, Dixie.Now the practical joke launched by the 21-year-old Waxahachie woman is sweeping the internet, Buzzfeed reported.Hooper told TheDodo.com that she hatched the idea with her older sister one recent afternoon as they eyed all the photos around the house.The two began to wonder: Did their parents actually look at those photos when they were gone? Or would they even notice if the photos were moved around - or even altered?"I saw the opportunity to have a little fun with them," Hooper said.So Hooper - who according to the Houston Chronicle is a student at Sam Houston State University - replaced two of those photos with recreations made with her photogenic 7-year-old dog. The first was her sister's kindergarten photo, the second one of her grandma.It was a couple of weeks before her mom, Kathryn, noticed. It happened when company was over and she "knew immediately it had to be one of us playing a joke on her," Hooper said.  Continue reading...

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