Watchdog: Delete the Word `public' From Public Utilities Commission

For the foreseeable future, as of this moment, The Watchdog is changing the name of one of Texas' most important state agencies.Forevermore, I will no longer call the Public Utilities Commission by that name. From now on, it's the UC, not the PUC. These bureaucrats in Austin, as well-intentioned as they believe they are, completely bailed on helping the public.No more P word for you. You are not for us.The UC heard from more than 200 of my readers last summer, all asking for the same: Make shopping for electricity less scammy so you don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out the best deal for your family.I have their letters. They copied me.Because of these rampant marketing deceptions by electricity companies - advertise low but bill high - many, if not most Texans overpay for electricity.  Continue reading...

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