Watch: Camel Gets Stuck in North Texas Family's Pool

A comical scene unfolded in an Azle backyard this week when a woman looked out her window and saw a camel in her pool.Surprisingly, the camel wasn't the shocking part for Chana Dale; he's been a family pet for a while. What was shocking was the fact that he ended up in her pool, she told KXAS-TV (NBC5). Dale said she thinks the camel fell after someone left the pool gate open. He made his way to the side of the pool, but wasn't able to heave himself out. She tried unsuccessfully to pull him out with a rope and eventually decided she'd have to get into the pool herself to help him out, she said.By the time she came back outside after changing her clothes, the camel had made his way to the shallow ledge of the pool where he was lounging and looked to be enjoying himself. She was able to get him out and back into his yard. Dale said her family got the pet camel after her husband rode one on a vacation in Jamaica. The family also has a kangaroo named Jackie Legs and a pet lemur.   Continue reading...

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