Watch a New Short Film Made the Day Club Schmitz Served Its Last Burger and Beer

Club Schmitz served its last burger and beer on May 31, 2014, a forever ago for us northwest Dallas natives raised around the shuffleboard table. Still hard to believe it vanished to make way for the RaceTrac now clogging up the intersection of Denton Drive and Webb Chapel Extension; passed it the other day with the gas tank on "E" and kept on trucking, but, hey, no hard feelings.And, sure, you can still get a burger cooked on the Club Schmitz flat-top that's now doing its business at Dot's Hop House in Deep Ellum. But there's no replicating the vibe of a glorious dive that opened its doors in 1946 , when cousins Lawrence "Bigun" and Leonard Schmitz returned to Dallas following World War II and decided to open a bar that eventually turned into a burger house that finally became the most family-friendly hang this side of Bachman Lake.  Continue reading...

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