Warrants Issued for 2 Men Suspected of Gunning Down 52-year-old in Far North Dallas

Dallas police have identified two people believed to be responsible for the death of a 52-year-old man in June. Jairo Gonzalez was fatally shot June 21, 2016, while he walked along the sidewalk in the 14100 block of Montfort Road, near Spring Valley Road and the Galleria. Gonzalez was a few blocks from his home when he was shot. The investigation revealed that Jose Armando Nunez-Zamora and Jose Reynaldo Zamora-Banegas, both 28, were reportedly involved in Gonzalez's death, police said. Zamora-Banegas had previously been identified as a possible suspect who may have been driving the vehicle involved in the shooting -- a black Ford Mustang with two silver stripes on the top.   Continue reading...

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