Warrant: Youth Prison Guard ‘slammed' Kid ‘down on His Head,' Leaving Carpet Burns

AUSTIN — A guard at a state-run juvenile prison was arrested last week after he was caught on video slamming a youth offender into the ground, according to a warrant released Monday. Surveillance footage showed Morsello Hooker, 31, "grab" the offender "underneath his arms as he lay on his back, lift him up until both of his feet were off the ground, and slam him back down into the floor," Sgt. Walker Willey wrote in the arrest affidavit. In an interview, the youth said Hooker was restraining him when he told the guard he'd have to "do better than that." Hooker then "picked him up and slammed down his head," the youth said, after which he complained of head pain and "carpet burns on both sides of his face."  Continue reading...

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