Want to Have a Say in How Your City Is Run? Go Vote

Today is your last chance to vote early in the May 4 municipal elections. So residents of Dallas and surrounding suburbs, it is time to go vote.This election will include critical mayoral races in Dallas and Fort Worth and dozens of city council and school board races throughout North Texas.There are also important bond issues in Frisco and the Dallas County Community College District that will determine whether those entities can keep up with enormous growth.It's troubling that preliminary numbers show us that this year is again on course for less-than-good turnout. In Dallas County as of Monday afternoon, only 3.6% of the nearly 1.3 million registered voters had cast ballots early. That's a little more than 46,500 voters.It's a particular worry in Dallas where the 2015 mayoral election saw only 6% of the eligible voters decide who would become mayor — dead last of large cities.Come on, folks, we can do better than this. Here's hoping this early voting season isn't a sign of things to come. And if you don't vote today, by all means, head to the polls on Saturday.This editorial was written by the editorial board and serves as the voice and opinion of The Dallas Morning News.  Continue reading...

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