Walmart Tried to Improperly Tax This Woman's Gift Card, and Texas Did Nothing About It

Before Christmas, Robin Allison bought $270 worth of Netflix gift cards at a Walmart in Allen and noticed the cashier charged her sales tax.No can do."I almost fell to the floor," the shopper says. "I'm like, 'I don't think so.'"When she protested, she says the cashier insisted, "Oh no, this is right."Robin knows there's no sales tax on gift cards. She's a retired pharmacist from Fairview who says she knows what's taxable and what's not. Good thing because 8.25 percent is a big chunk of change."Do you want them or not?" the cashier asked."No, I don't."Robin returned the cards, left the store and went to Target, where she bought the cards without paying tax.Later, she called Walmart and spoke to a customer service rep who insisted nothing was wrong. But Robin told her she had the receipt to prove it.  Continue reading...

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