W.T. White Student Hospitalized After Choking on Drugs While Fleeing Police

A Dallas high school student was hospitalized last week after choking on drugs he swallowed while fleeing police.Dallas ISD police were dispatched to W. T. White High School last Friday and detained two male students for trespassing. The officer also reported detecting the smell of marijuana.A third student, later identified as Jonathan Marquez-Carbajal, ran west on Ridgeside Drive, police said.He was tracked down in an alley behind a nearby park, doubled over coughing, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Marquez was taken into custody, and once inside the patrol vehicle, his coughing worsened and he began gagging on an unknown object. The officer asked him what was wrong."I swallowed my drugs, sir," Marquez told the officer. Paramedics were quickly dispatched to the scene, where the arresting officer reported he overheard Marquez telling them he swallowed drugs, "while running from the police." He was taken to Medical City Dallas Hospital, though a hospital spokesperson had no record of him being treated there.A warrant accusing Marquez of tampering with evidence was issued Wednesday, but he has yet to be booked on the third-degree felony.Marquez was previously arrested in a home break-in and was released on probation in October, jail officials say.  Continue reading...

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