Voters Shutdown Dallas County Schools Bus Provider. Now What?

Kids riding Dallas County Buses can expect to get to school as usual while bus drivers and dispatchers can be assured that they still have jobs, Dallas superintendent Michael Hinojosa stressed Wednesday.Voters on Tuesday decided to abolish Dallas County Schools, the government agency that provides bus service to eight Dallas County districts and to Aledo ISD in Parker County. The election to decide DCS' fate was called after a series of controversies that included bus drivers running red lights, shady financial deals and a failed business venture involving stop-arm cameras.Dallas County homeowners are levied a penny tax rate on property to subsidize the transportation agency's efforts.Less than 24 hours after Dallas County voters sealed the transportation provider's fate, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar appointed a 14-member committee to oversee its closeout. Hinojosa and other area superintendents from the districts who rely on DCS are on that panel. Hinojosa said much of what's next for DCS and bus service has yet to be determined, such as who will be the bus drivers' future employers and which districts get what assets as they divide up the remains of DCS. But he wanted to assure DCS staff that officials will keep them updated as best they can."They have a position that they're highly needed for the next several months and regardless of what happens in the future, these entities will still need transportation services," whether that be through in-district services, a private provider or some combination of the two, Hinojosa said.  Continue reading...

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