Videos Capture Dallas Girl Seconds Before Deadly Explosion Tore Family's Home Apart

Twelve-year-old Linda "Michellita" Rogers captured on video the happy moments before a natural-gas explosion tore apart her family's northwest Dallas home and claimed her life a year ago this week."Good morning, guys. It is 6:02 a.m," she whispered into her phone on Feb. 23. "I'm going to get ready for ... National Cheerleaders Association today." Maria Rogers spoke out about the day her daughter died and released the videos Michellita made as the anniversary of her death approaches Saturday.Rogers and her husband, son and mother survived the blast at their northwest Dallas home but still have lingering injuries. They have undergone physical therapy and mental health counseling."Some days, I don't feel the damage in my body," Rogers said Wednesday, her eyes red and full of tears. "I feel the pain in my heart."  Continue reading...

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