Video Shows Teacher's Aide Grab, Shove Roanoke Middle-school Student

A Northwest ISD teacher's aide is no longer employed with the district after a video surfaced of him grabbing a middle school student from his desk by the arm, pushing him across the classroom and shoving him through a door.The incident happened at Tidwell Middle School in Roanoke during Saturday school earlier this month, and the employee was placed on administrative leave, said Emily Conklin, director of communications for the district. She said the teaching aide is no longer employed with the district."Any time an adult shoves a student it is inappropriate and indicates a need for school-wide training and positive behavior management techniques," said Monica Craven, director of the school-to-prison pipeline project for Texas Appleseed, a nonprofit fighting for social and economic justice for Texans. The student, a thin, slight boy, appears to annoy the teacher's aide when he points out that the aide has addressed him by the wrong name. The aide then kicks the desk, grabs the boy by the arm, and hauls him into an adjacent room. The short video then ends."That particular room is normally used as a cool down room," said Conklin when asked if the student was pushed into a closet. The district declined to give the aide's name and hire date without an open records request. "You can't throw kids in closets," said Melissa Dossett, the parent who posted the video after her eighth-grade daughter sent it to her. Dossett has since withdrawn her daughter from the school. "I'm not going to let that happen." Dossett said she's now looking into home school programs for her daughter. She said the video was shot by a friend of her daughter's, who sent the footage to other students.   Continue reading...

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