Video: See ‘breakdancing' Gorilla Splashing and Thrashing at Dallas Zoo

This isn't the first time Zola's been caught "breakdancing," the Dallas Zoo reports. And we certainly hope it isn't the last.Check out this video, taken by Primate Supervisor Ashley Orr, of the gorilla Zola as he twirls and thrashes in a pool at the Dallas Zoo. He's really going ape:"There's a lot more to this behavior than you may think," says a post on the zoo's "ZooTube" page."Enrichment helps enhance the environment and lives of animals, like Zola, by providing them with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors. Enrichment can take many forms, but for this spunky great ape, it means playing and spinning in his favorite blue pool!" the page says.Zola the gorilla is known for his dance moves, actually. Check out this viral video from 2011, when Zola lived at the Calgary Zoo. (The music was added later and the zookeepers note this is "not a trained behavior.")Zola's keeper in Calgary, Garth Irvine, tells Discovery in a 2-minute explainer video that the zookeepers change the gorilla's habitat every day, to make each day different. If Zola looks like he's enjoying himself, he is: "He's just having a really, really good time," Irvine says. "This is the type of play you would see from children," he explains.You go, dude!   Continue reading...

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